Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct applies to all Orbicon employees. The principles are also applied when establishing sub-contract agreements and other supplier agreements.

Orbicon's business ethical principles include:

  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Social Responsibility, Health and Safety
  • Quality Responsibility
  • Professional Integrity Responsibility
  • Combating Corruption / Bribery Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Protection of natural values and natural resources is a fundamental element of Orbicon’s overall mission. Environmental considerations and awareness are central to the Organisation and reflected in our environmental policy:

  • All activities related to design, planning and implementation, are carried out with consideration to environmental impact and the Organisation's ethical values. Through dialogue with our clients, Orbicon seeks to meet their expectations and ensuring environmental requirements are observed.
  • Purchasing of materials and services always includes considerations of the environmental impacts and measures to reduce these

The operation of our own business is based on the desire to:

  • Reduce relative material consumption and waste production
  • Minimise energy consumption
  • Observe applicable legislation, both when operating own business and as an adviser for others

Social Responsibility, Health and Safety

We aim to be a socially responsible Company. This is ensured by:

  • Maintaining a staff policy that sets goals for employee professional training as well as personal training
  • Actively focusing on health and safety at all the workplaces and through implementation of proactively measures
  • The establishment of a pension and health scheme for our employees, which ensures that we, even after termination of the employment, can maintain a secure lifestyle
  • The Company is governed by a management that supports a trustworthy and evolving atmosphere where there is room for individuality

Quality Responsibility

We strive to ensure that our services and deliveries meet high quality standards, and meet the expectations that our clients may have to us as a knowledge-based company, including:

  • That all projects undergo systematic quality control, including a systematic follow-up to any registered non-conformities
  • That we, as a Company, only assume tasks that we have the necessary professional and organisational skill-set to solve
  • That the Company has established forums for internal knowledge and experience sharing

Professional Integrity Responsibility

Historically the Company has a tradition for business operation with integrity standards, and we appreciate and respect the outlined guidelines set forth by i.e. FIDIC and OECD. Therefore:

  • The Company must act for the benefit of its clients at all times, and in such a way that the clients are ensured optimal profitability without compromising society's requirements and social interests
  • The Company must do the outmost to avoid any conflicts of interest between individual clients and others of the Company's clients, as well as inform the client if there is a situation where there might be a potential conflict of interest
  • The Company will only participate in projects or public tenders under competitive conditions that are compatible with Orbicon’s ethic rules
  • The Company respect human rights and the political, cultural, sexual and religious traditions of the countries in which we work

Combating Corruption / Bribery Responsibility

The company does not accept any direct or indirect corruption / bribery. We operate in full alignment with the World Bank's definition and guidelines for combating corruption and economic crime. We enforce the same demands to our partners in connection with joint projects. That is:

  • We do not make financial contributions to political parties, either nationally or internationally
  • We have implemented a system and control measures, which ensures no payments to i.e. secret funds. In addition, we ensure that all financial transfers include information about the service and to whom payments has been made
  • We give and receive corporate gifts at a reasonable level, but never in connection with the submission of offers or contracts
  • We solely offer consultancy services on contractual terms that do not harm our independence, objectivity and integrity, including no acceptance of remuneration that could make the company biased