Soil contamination poses a threat to the environment, and deters investment and development. It is therefore important to get a clear picture of the contamination in relation to the purchase or development of a property. We help you find cost-efficient, sustainable, and safe solutions, which meet legal requirements. Our range of full consultancy services covers risk assessment, investigation, EDD, monitoring, and remediation of contaminated sites, including technically demanding in-situ solutions.

Orbicon has more than three decades of experience working with contaminated sites and can guide you through the entire process. Our Scandinavian team consists of approximately 100 employees specialized in all types of tasks in this field, and can gather the best competencies for every project in order to ensure an optimal, high-quality solution. Learn about how we conducted environmental due diligence for Avis Budget prior to their purchase of 90 properties. Groundwater contamination and protection has been one of our focus areas for years, due to the high protection levels for groundwater set by Scandinavian authorities. Our experienced geologists, geophysicists, design specialists, land surveyors, and more, have comprehensive knowledge of the entire hydrological cycle, as well as knowledge of how to protect vulnerable areas and aquifers. Mapping of areas with geophysical methods, such as CVES, Dual-EM and SkyTEM, can provide essential information about the subsurface. By including geophysical knowledge and groundwater considerations in the early stages of any planning process, we can protect the groundwater without slowing down the progress of your project.

Furthermore, we possess a unique and extensive experience with innovative investigation techniques. These include interpretation of results from traditional techniques, real time characterisation tools, advanced chemical and microbiological tools like isotope and chiral analysis, use of bioindicators such as treecoring, and innovative geophysical methods. Advanced thermal treatment of contaminated sites and chemox methods are a part of our track record. Orbicon helps developers mitigate vapour intrusion problems, both when refurbishing old buildings, and when new buildings are raised in brownfield developments.

In addition, we are active on one of the hot topics on the global agenda – the unresolved and large PFAS pollutions coming from, among other sources, firefighting foam. We assess the risks of soil and groundwater contaminants, including chlorinated solvents, pesticides, and PFAS.

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