HYMER - Efficient tool in hydrological data handling

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HYMER and HYMER COM is a professional, hydrometric software package.

It is designed to automatically retrieve and administer hydrological and climate data. To calculate, process and manage time series as well as document and present the results into graphs and tables.

The system is tailored to handle the full hydrometric dataflow - from raw field based data of water level, current measurements, cross section surveys, etc. to import and manipulation of data in the program, statistical assessments, to export, pipe and linking up the results to GIS, flood models or web based interfaces.

All common data types are handled in HYMER, e.g. water level, -velocity, -discharge, -temperature, -conductivity, oxygen and metrological parameters.

The system can be executed as single or multi-user set up.

HYMER has been developed over decades by Orbicon, based on almost 100 years of hands-on experience obtained through the task as operator of the national center for hydrometric data in Denmark.

HYMER is just the essential tool in all assessments within water resources management.
  • Handles the full hydrometric dataflow

  • Easy acces and data processing via Microsoft Windows, Access and SQL server All raw data can easily be imported

  • Interface facilites to GIS, Water Quality and web based solutions for easy data sharing

  • Developed by hydrologists

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