If you already have a Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System

Do you have a sludge Treatment Reed Bed System (STRB) or a Sludge Treatment Wetland (STW)? Our experienced experts are ready to advise you in optimizing or finding a solution to problems with  operation and maintenance, so you facility works conveniently and sustainably. We offer our help to all sorts of clients from private to public.

Optimizing the operation of the sludge Treatment Reed bed system

Do you want to optimize your STRB, and get the best possible economic, environmental, and climate friendly results? Orbicon has different offers that will help you optimize the operation and maintenance of you STRB:

  • Prognosis/plan/supervision of emptying. Take advantage of the STRB’s capacity on time, optimal and decrease risks related to emptying.
  • Operation support – Let us handle the daily operation
  • Loading plan – optimization of the facility’s capacity
  • Installation of SRO system – Keep an eye on the facility and catch the problems before they get serious.
  • Supervision with new planting – Give the facility the best possible conditions with plants in an Orbicon standard. 
  • Education for operation staff in order to understand operation and SRO etc.


Problems with operating a Sludge treatment reed bed System

If you are the owner of a STRB, you might experience some of the following questions or thoughts:

  • Why are there areas with stressed vegetation or without vegetation?
  • The dewatering in the sludge residue  is not as high as expected.
  • The sludge residue is wet or there is blank water in the bassins several days after loading.
  • The sludge residue is black and it bubbles in some places
  • Do you have an exceeded heavy metal requirement or a demand for analysis?
  • Do you have an exceeded hazard organic matter requirement or a demand for analysis?

If you have experienced some of these thoughts or questions or have other questions, Orbicon will help you get back on track.

Finding a solution in time makes returning to normal operation possible

When problems with operation of the STRB arise, it is a fast trip downhill. When the symptoms occur, as e.g. that the vegetation shows signs of stress, it is very important to take action. The worse the condition of the STRB gets the harder and the more expensive it gets to get back to the optimal operation  again. Some of the possible actions are listed below:

  • Status rapport – What state is the STRB in, and how can you get it back to an optimal condition?
  • Advise about problems with heavy metals or hazard organic matter
  • Filter examination – What condition is the filter in?
  • Rebuilding – E.g. if the filter needs to be changed or more beds are needed.

Many years of experience with optimizing operations and finding solutions to issue with operation

We are among the best sludge treatment experts in Denmark, and on our team is Steen Nielsen, who has published several research papers on his experiences within this topic gained through more than 30 years of experience, where he has had the responsibility for establishing, operation and emptying of more than 80 Sludge Reed Beds Systems.

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We can help you with the following questions:

Do you want to optimize your Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System?

1. We make the necessary initiatives in order to optimize the operation, which will result in economic and environmental advantages.

Do you have problems operating the facility?

1.We offer different kinds of support and consultancy that will get your Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System back on track.

Contact Orbicon for consultancy in Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System

Call or email our expert Steen Nielsen for more information about how we can help you optimize the operation or find a solution to maintenance problems in your Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System.

Steen has a master’s degree in biology and has more than 30 years of experience with sludge treatment facilities, including one of the world’s largest facilities, Hanningfield in England. You can read more about Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System here or read about our sludge treatment expert Steen here.


Steen M. Nielsen

Product manager
+45 40 21 22 51