Solid base in GIS solutions

Orbicon Informatics provides a wide range of software solutions for the Utility and Public Sector markets – with a solid base in GIS.  We support a full value chain integration of solutions, which are among others organized to full fil the complex needs of tomorrow’s society with focus on Urbanization, Digitalization, Smart Cities, Eco-systems, Sustainable and Collaborative environments. We execute on big data analytics and use machine learning and complex algorithms as drivers in our products development.

In the Danish market Orbicon Informatics hold a leading market position within the utility business and ou software solutions for network management and web based GIS solutions are to be found in most utilities – ranging from water and wastewater utility to district heating and energy companies.

Proud partners

We work independently of platforms and out solutions operates freely with both commercial and open source solutions such as QGIS. We are proud partners of Bentley Systems and IBM and we are currently looking for more international partners.


Head of Department, Orbicon Informatics
Alan Nissen, +45 5162 5760 or

Alan Nissen

Head of Department
+45 51 62 57 60

Dan O. Kiilerich

Sales Manager
+45 51 83 51 80