At Orbicon, we develop a broad range of software solutions focusing on infrastructure optimization and environmental compliance. Our solutions allow our customers to register, operate, and maintain their infrastructure in the most optimal way, while ensuring full compliance with environmental regulation. The customers are typically utility companies within drinking water, wastewater, district heating, and electricity, or municipalities and governments. The solutions support the processes around planning, project execution, supervision, and maintenance. They provide advanced data capture, validation, and analysis functionality with a dedicated focus on the application of geodata and asset information to support critical business decisions.

One example is the HYMER platform, which provides a total overview of hydrometric, hydrological and climate data, and is an essential tool in all assessments within water resource management. HYMER is used as the national hydrometric database in Denmark, and has also been implemented as the national water data management system in Latvia and Lithuania. Additionally, Orbicon offers customized software applications, developed with you in mind, and supported by our highly skilled consultants.