Orbicon has more than 30 years of experience with treatment (dewatering and mineralization) of sludge in Sludge Treatment Reed Beds (STRB) or Sludge Treatment Wetlands (STW), including more than  20 years of experience with operation, maintenance and emptying of a long line of STRB’s, and we are an evident collaborator when establishing, rebuilding or optimizing your STRB facilities. We serve both as consultant as well as an operator and service partner.

Low energi and low cost solution 

Treatment of sludge in a STRB is a low energy and low cost solution that uses nature’s own methods to reduce production of sludge through dewatering and through breaking down organic material (see graphics below), including hazardous organic material. Let us help you with you STRB facility and find a sustainable solution that makes sense economically as well as environmentally and results in an effective treatment and reduction of the sludge. If you already have a Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System, go to this page.

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Save the environment with a Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System

Because Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System is built on a principle of using nature’s own ways, the method has many environment friendly advantages:

  • No use of chemicals and a minimal use of energy
  • Good work environment
  • Reduction of hazardous and pathogenic materials
  • Improvement of sludge quality and possibilities for recycling and reuse.
  • Sustainable treatment of sludge
  • Release of capacity of treatment in the waste water treatment plan as a result of cleaner reject water 
  • Low internal load, which result in a reduction of sludge production. 


An affordable and sustainable solution

Apart from the fact that the Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System are good for the environment, they also have a number of economic advantages:

  • Low treatment costs compared to other treatment methods.
  • Reduction of expenses for transport and spreading of the sludge.
  • At least 30 years of use.
  • Very low operation and maintenance costs

How does the Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System work?

A Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System is designed to dewater and mineralize sludge from waste water treatment plants and water works. The sludge passively dewaters through drainage through a filter and through evaporation. Plants and the microbial activity contributes to the dewatering, ventilation and mineralization. The environment sustainable treatment leaves a residue of treated sludge – which results in a product of high quality, “bio soil”, as the final product. The biosoil is reusable and can be used as a fertilizer and to improve the quality of the soil. The natural processes in the treatment and the dewatering of the sludge represent a sustainable, energy effective and affordable method of Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System compared to a more conventional mechanical dewatering of sludge.

The Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System contains a number of basins build as either concrete or soil basins with a waterproof membrane at the bottom. In the basins there is a filter containing a system for sludge supply line and for drainage. In the filter, a reed vegetation is planted. The function of the drain system is partly to drain the reject water from the sludge dewatering before it is pumped into the inlet at the wastewater treatment plant and partly to ventilate filter and sludge. See the graphics below for a visualization of the process of Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System. The majority of the knowledge about Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System of sludge is developed in Danish and northern European sludge treatment facilities.

Successful treatment of sludge 

Successful treatment of sludge is dependent on supervision and an ability to modify the process to secure a correct way of operation and maintenance. Our automatic system updates continuously and makes the necessary changes, in order to secure a carefree and successful operation.

Every 10th to 15th year, the biosoil sludge residue is dug up and reused as fertilizer in agriculture. In the recent years, Orbicon has developed transfer station or greenhouses for post-treatment of the sludge residue, which treat and dries the sludge further.


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We can help you with the following questions:

What advantages are there when getting a Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System?

  1. Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System is a cost efficient, low energy solution and is an environment friendly treatment of excess sludge.

What is important in order to succeed with the Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System?

  1. We support your maintenance and potential problems with operation, so you can get the best results from you Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System.

Get started on your Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System

Contact Orbicon’s expert Steen Nielsen today and learn more about Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System and how Orbicon can help you clean your excess sludge.

Did you know...?

Sludge Treatment Reed Beds is just one of many names for the same procedure. Treatment of sludge in reed beds also goes under the name "Sludge Dewatering Reed Beds", "Sludge Mineralization Reed Beds", "Drying Reed Beds", "Sludge Drying Reed Beds" "Sludge Treatment Wetlands" and "Sludge Drying Wetlands", "Sludge Humification Systems" and "Sewage Slugde Humification Systems", but they are all the same thing.



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