Strategic Partners

At Orbicon, we always strive to be the best choice for our clients. We have therefore developed strategic partnerships with leading organisations from around the globe. Through our partnerships, we reach an even deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities our global clients face. We further gain important insights into the legal and technical requirements of the markets in which we operate.

“Our strategic alliance with Orbicon has allowed us to meet client needs in an expanded geography both quickly and efficiently.”

Edward P. Conti, Vice President, EKI Environment & Water, Inc.

By combining our expertise with our partners’, we create synergies. These synergies help us deliver innovative, sustainable, and high quality services to our clients globally, and to provide our solutions to a broader client base.

A selection of our strategic partners

At Orbicon, we are experts in incorporating sustainable solutions in all types of projects. This could be in projects concerning handling soil remediation, designing new buildings or making renovation plans, executing environmental impact assessments or bringing our visions into new climate adaptation solutions – even in our IT solutions, we have focus on sustainability. We believe that sustainability will only become more important in the future, and the capabilities and resources we gain from our partnerships help us always provide the best and most sustainable services to our clients.


  • EKI Environment & Water, Inc. – Located in Northern and Southern California and Colorado in the US, EKI Environment & Water, Inc. provides full-spectrum environmental, water, wastewater and water resources engineering services
  • D'Appolonia S.p.A. – Italian D'Appolonia is the operational arm of RINA​, developing and offering engineering services such as consulting engineering, design, project management & control, special studies and operability assurance

Water is a vital resource, and a high priority on the global agenda. One of our core competencies at Orbicon is within water and wastewater treatment solutions, and incorporating sustainability in sludge treatment have lead us to develop a Sludge Treatment Reed Bed System that we provide globally together with our partners. Through our partnerships, we continuously ensure that we will always be in the front of innovative and sustainable solutions in the field.

  • Global Wetland Technology – a consortium of companies which have been operating for almost 20 years in the environmental engineering sector, with particular specialisation in waste water treatment and water pollution control by constructed wetlands
  • ARM Limited – A UK market leader in reed bed design and construction, employing the latest treatment technologies to provide natural wastewater solutions
  • DeHua Eco Tech – A high-tech enterprise committed to ecological water treatment in China
  • The Water and Carbon Group – An Australian contractor that specialises in the design, building and operation of low energy wastewater treatment and ecological infrastructure solutions

On the Arctic market, Orbicon is experiencing rapid growth. To ensure that our services are of the highest quality and to exchange knowledge and expertise within the Arctic region, we have formed a strategic partnership with CBCL Limited.

  • CBCL Limited – The leading employee owned multidisciplinary engineering and environmental consulting firm in Atlantic Canada