Hillerod Central Wastewater Treatment Plant South (WWTP)

The WWTP at Solrodgaard is a unique demonstration park - integrating the newest environmental technology with a beautiful recreational area

An economic and sustainable WWTP that benefits both environment and society

The municipality of Hillerod is developing and expanding rapidly. In response to the increased demand for capacity, Hillerod Utility Company wanted to build a new, innovative and sustainable WWTP at Solrodgaard, while providing value to the people and nature surrounding it. The project is to design an indoor WWTP. This has never been done before in Denmark.

Orbicon has designed the plan and is responsible for the final design and for creating the best solution. We are working together with the other companies involved in the project in a partnering collaboration. In this partnering collaboration, the project and new ideas have been developed in collaboration, and the responsibility for keeping budgets and deadlines is shared between the companies.

And the result? The design and construction of a very unique WWTP.

From the outside, you will not be able to see the WWTP, as it looks more like a park than a treatment plant, and blends into the undulating landscape surrounding it. From a pedestrian street, visitors will be able to follow the processes through big glass windows on the WWTP’s buildings. Some of the newest and most innovative technologies will be shown inside the WWTP, which can open up for inspiration, research and learning. The pedestrian zone also consists of different sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

The WWTP will also be used for research and education, as new processes and technologies can be tested at the facility. Through the educational aspects, Hillerod Utility Company hopes, among other things, to affect people’s waste behaviour, which will be beneficial to both the environment and the operations of the WWTP itself.

Solrodgaard WWTP fulfils the client’s ambition of creating an icon of innovative and sustainable solutions, as well as a lively public space with both recreational and educational offerings.

Jacob P. Larsen

Divisional Manager
+45 21 66 21 30

"We consider it an important task to create a plant that is as financial sustainable as possible. The new plant will generate electricity and use wastewater as a resource to a much greater extent than previously. If we can also affect people’s waste behavior, it can further optimize our operation and reduce expenses..."

Henning Gade, Project Manager, Hillerod Utility Company

Ensuring quality and improving the use of resources through collaboration

The management process and strategy of the project is a new way of thinking, where the companies involved in the project work in a partnering collaboration. As such, we create ideas together and share the responsibilities as well as the gains.

An aim of the project is also to improve the use of the resources in the area. One of these resources is waste. We have therefore created a “symbiosis group” that is working with local businesses to discover their specific needs for wastewater treatment, and how their waste and recycling processes can be optimized, and become more effective and sustainable. Waste from the industries can be an important resource at the WWTP, as e.g. food waste and sludge can increase the production of gas in the digester tank at the plant, leading to a higher energy production for the benefit of the surrounding society.

The entire WWTP is designed in a 3D environment. By using the project management tool TrimByg, we ensure that everything runs smoothly in order to minimize mistakes, save time and money, and enhance safety, while increasing the overall value.

The project is ambitious, and uses new and innovative technologies, controls, processes, and management tools. The new WWTP is a part of Solrodgaard Energy, Climate and Environmental Park, and fulfils Hillerod Utility Company’s vision of gathering all of its activities at one location.

The treatment plant can clean the wastewater of up to 100,000 people a day

Hillerod Utility Company
50 hectares
Hillerod, Denmark
Construction costs
Approximately 300 million DKK
Turnkey contractor
Jakobsen & Blindkilde
Full-service consultant
Henning Larsen Architects
Electricity and SRO
Strom Hansen
Pipe and blacksmith
Holsted Smede & Maskinvaerksted
Full-service consultant
on design, construction, machinery and electricity/SCADA etc. in all phases
3D modelling
Acceptance tests
at the vendors and on-site (FAT, SAT, and SITE)
of the WWTP
Creation and management
of an external common sharepoint for exchange of information and the involvement of partners at different levels
Introduction and use
of TrimByg and LEAN in the project