HYMER in Latvia and Lithuania

In both Latvia and Lithuania, Orbicon has helped the national authorities improve their water resource management by implementing our water data management system HYMER

Improving water data management

Water has globally been recognized as an extremely important resource. In Latvia and Lithuania, surface waters and river systems have many purposes, such as drainage, hydropower production, waterway transport, drinking water, and recreational purposes. The many and diverse needs for water calls for optimal water management and water data management. Online and high frequent collection of monitoring data is needed regarding e.g. water levels, discharge, and water quality, results in a large volume of data, which has to be stored and managed with trackable documentation.

To ensure efficient and reliable data management, both countries decided to implement HYMER as their national water data management system. HYMER is a software developed by Orbicon, which facilitates multipurpose data management. The installations were made as national solutions, executed from the head offices in Riga and Vilnius, where both installations facilitate remote access from regional offices. By implementing HYMER, both Latvia and Lithuania now have a tool that ensures that data is collected and easily accessible. This was a high priority for both governments, since the data is used to plan future actions in the river basins, as well as forecasting upcoming flooding events. HYMER is designed to automatically retrieve and administer data, calculate, process, and manage time series, and document and present the results into graphs and tables or to pipe data to the internet. The reliable data that HYMER can offer is particularly important for the forecasters at the Latvian Hydrology and Met. Office, who daily provide forecasts to all hydropower plants and dam regulators, which enable them to optimize energy production and to regulate water flow to prevent floods.

By applying Orbicon’s HYMER software, the authorities in Latvia and Lithuania improved their water resource management and their operational control in the national river basins.

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Ole Smith

Department Manager
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“In this project, our hydrological experts and software programmers worked in close collaboration with the client, constantly customizing the software HYMER and ensuring that the client got exactly the solution they needed to optimize their water data management”

Ole Smith, Project Manager, Orbicon

A user-friendly and integrated software system

Orbicon delivered and installed HYMER in Lithuania and Latvia in 2000. The systems were updated in 2010 and 2011 respectively, with completion of the projects in 2013. Orbicon has been in the hydrometric business since 1917, and developed hydrometric software since the first computers. HYMER has been the national Danish hydrometric software system since the first MS-Windows version was launched in 1993.

HYMER is applied software with customized tools developed in close co-operation between software developers and hydrologists. Through the combination of these two professional skill sets, Orbicon built a professional and tailor-made software package for hydrometric use. The integrated software handles the full hydrometric data management process from only one program, which optimizes the workflow. The program comprises a comprehensive archive and traceable data system interlinked to smart and fast data handling and presentation. It also facilitates easy gap filling and corrections, and is capable of reproducing all data processing. HYMER furthermore holds interface facilities to GIS, water quality and web based solutions, which enables easy data sharing.

With HYMER, users can administer parameters such as station name and coordinates in UTM or geographic longitude and latitude, purpose of measurement, size of catchment, gauge board number, datum level, multiple cross section measurements and other information necessary to operate a hydrometric gauging station and network. A photo archive can furthermore be applied.

Reliable data is the key to water resource management and can help solve one of the biggest challenges of our future

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