The black sand

The beaches of northern Greenland are high in titanium and a British mining company has gained interest in the black sand. But before any extraction is possible, it is essential to make sure that no wildlife or nature suffer any harm.

Keeping the flora and fauna safe

The beaches of northern Greenland are full of black sand that is high in titanium and is very valuable. This has caused the British Mining company Bluejay Mining to gain an interest in extracting the titanium from the heavy sand.

However, before the British Mining company can start extracting the titanium, the Greenlandic authorities demand an environment consequence rapport that outlines whether such an extraction will have any negative impact on the flora and fauna in the area.

Since 2016, biologists from Orbicon has done comprehensive biological research for Bluejay Mining in order to determine if there will be any negative effect on the wildlife and nature around the beaches. In the summer of 2017, the experts identified different kinds of plants using a drone and took samples from the sea bend in order to identify types of mussels. Furthermore, they researched the number of walruses and whales living near the beaches and what time of the year they were living there.

The research will end in the autumn of 2018, and the environment consequence rapport is expected to be finished shortly after.


Consultancy with the mandatory Environmental consequence rapport

Several mining companies from Australia, Great Britain and Canada has their eyes on the Greenlandic titanium and has worked on introductory research the last few years in order to determine the possibility of mining and the economic advantages of mining in Greenland.

Orbicons experts have more than ten years of experience in assisting mining companies with field research and counseling in preparation for the environment consequence rapport. This is essential knowledge in order to write a successful environment consequence rapport that is demanded by the Greenlandic authorities. 

More Information

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Flemming Pagh Jensen

Senior Consultant
Bluejay Mining
Northern Greenland