The first pollution dog in Denmark

Meet Louie - the first pollution dog in Denmark and Orbicons youngest expert in pollution, ready to assist new pollution tracking projects

The first pollution dog in denmark

Louie is Orbicons youngest expert in pollution and the first pollution dog in Denmark. After six months of intensive training, he is now a certified pollution dog and is ready to help in all kinds of pollutions projects. Louie’s abilities to smell and react on small concentrations of chlorinated solvent are so sensitive that it would be impossible to find the same amounts using other devices.

An efficient way of tracking pollution 

Louie’s nose as an extremely sensitive measuring device makes tracking the pollutions sources very efficient, and Louie is able to find many different kinds of pollution. Instead of drilling in different spots in order to search for pollution, Louie will be able to smell the pollution and determine which spot will be most successful for drilling. Furthermore, Louie can find the sources of polluted water or toxic gases within a building if it is built on a polluted plot.


Safety first 

With the use of Louis’s nose, the pollution is found a lot faster and a lot cheaper. The idea of using tracker dogs to find the pollution has a big potential within the pollution field, since it saves a lot of time and money, because the dog’s noses are so sensitive. In addition, there are no disadvantages with this way of tracking pollution. Louie is very engaged in finding the pollution and enjoys every minute of it. Most significantly, Louie is completely safe when tracking the pollution, because the concentrations are too small to cause him any harm.

Mette Algreen Nielsen

Master of Engineering
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