The Karens Minde Axis

A climate change adaption project in the Sydhavnen neighborhood in Copenhagen is an important step in the Copenhagen Municipality’s cloudburst management plan, but is also going to create recreational areas and biodiversity.

Two birds - one Project

After many cases of destructive and costly flooding in Copenhagen and its surrounding areas, Copenhagen Municipality has a great interest in securing a cloudburst management plan for the Copenhagen area. At the same time, inhabitants of the Sydhavnen neighborhood have for a longer period of time asked for a safer and more comfortable Sydhavnen. The two interests are combined in a larger project that will renew the neighborhood through building recreational spaces, safe parks, and green areas to expand the biodiversity, but the building of these is a part of the cloudburst management that will be able to handle and delay more than 15.000m3 rainwater.

The project will develop the area within the Karens Minde axis, which is the area from Vestre Kirkegård to Sydhavnstippen, in order to create a recreational area that will encourage cultural and social activities in a safe environment, as well as prepare for potential climate change.

Multiple goals require multiple experts 

Orbicon entered the project in collaboration with Schønherr landscape architects and sub-consultant GivRum. Orbicon will assist during the project development and project engineering. Because the project is located with several different fields, multiple experts from different divisions in Orbicon are involved in realizing the project. The actual construction of the project will begin in 2020 and will be ready in the summer of 2021.

Jens Lauritz Hansen

Copenhagen Municipality